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Optimizing Material Processing with
Sensorics and AI

Data-Driven material analysis acceleration and integration of manufacturing optimization, quality control, and automation. Suitable for optimizing surface function and worflow control.


Equipping the running production management with ProMetronics makes your machines sense the quality of work at every production step.

Data driven material analysis enables to manufacture optimized functionality on products. Introduce AI analysis & material sensorics to the production line to accelerate machine tuning, minimize loss and minimize cost. Create customized quality standards for your portfolio and enhance production management and speed up workflow control.

Multi-Dimensional Data acquisition: In line or at line material analysis with the right sensor for every production step evaluates material structure, chemistry & physics to yield information on the real time status of your product.

ProMetronics is a customized solution complementing and expanding the running production management- & control system without interruption.

Data exchange with the existing production control system is realized by universal exchange via API connector.

Our solution is equipped with full protection against DDOS attacks and is completely fraud resistant.





Analysis at scientific expert level is available for every operator 24/7 directly at line.

The Software solution is extremely easy to operate. Regular ability to work with a computer will be sufficient to boost the understanding of data of the whole team.

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The Roadmap for implementing ProMetronics

Implementing ProMetronics is completely risk free. Our 4 steps exploration plan provides clear information for decision making towards the next step.

Step 1
AI-Potential workshop

Detect the technical and economic AI Potential in your production ecosystem within a single day workshop

Step 2
System Analysis

Get evaluation of the full AI Potential for your material processing in a detailed potential-analysis study

Step 3

Implement the ProMetronics engine to your production management system. No matter at which level production control is running – always get the right solution in a tailormade customized software.

Step 4
Use phase

Use the ProMetronics Software and enjoy the benefits of selflearning data intelligence. Benefit from sophisticated machine- and product history and bullet proof quality documentation. Get full support service and free updates.

mobile application
Prometronics app

Mobile App

Prometronics mobile app service is designed to provide the users of analysis test with the best experience of using our solution on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It provice API to integrate with system.


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